Dear Diary: Episode 4 || Dirty Minds Think A Like

Diary of Jane

Dear Diary,


Today I had an epiphany.

I realized that my families nicknames all combine to make some funny stuff.

For example: my mother’s name is Paula, but her nickname growing up has always been “Paula Pooh”. Now I know, that sounds mean, but it’s really in reference to Winnie the Pooh. winnie_the_pooh_para_tutorial_n__n_by_omgiscaata-d4tps6b[[ Winnie the Pooh ]]

Then there’s my nickname growing up, one that only my mom calls me: Sweet Pea.

Who-is-sweet-pea[[ in reference to Pop-Eye ]]

Then my son Harley has the nickname “Booga”, my husband and I call him that.

ae5106bbb5545966514bef6c34e691ac[[ Booga from TankGirl ]]

I realized that if you cut our nicknames (mine and my moms) and combine them like “Brangelina” etc. then you come up with Pooh-Pea. LOL ie. Poopie


Or seperate, Pea (PEE) and Pooh (POO); I always knew I was her #1. hehe.

I figure with my mom and I being Pee & Poo and my son a Booger, it makes sense were all dirty-minded Potty Mouths!

potty-mouthNot to mention that we’re all three Gemini’s. (Happy Early Bday’s to us!) So I’m sure my son will live up to the hype and be just as crazy as us, as he’s already showing signs of insanity.

So yah Diary, I thought I’d share this little discovery with you tonight before bed.

I hope you enjoyed!

❤ Always, Jane


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