Amongst the Clouds.. || World Vapor Expo

This past weekend was the “World Vapor Expo” at Miami Beach Convention Center and my husband and I were lucky enough not only to attend, but be invited for free.

The view from above shows just how many people were in attendance (on average) with all the vapor rising to the ceiling of the convention center.

We had a blast walking the expo, buying great merchandise (I bought my husband a Vape mod bag for an early Father’s Day present) and getting to hang out with old and new friends in the Vape Community.

ride2Being that the event was held in Miami Beach, and this last Saturday was Sunny and the perfect Miami weather, my husband Joey and I decided we would take my motorcycle (his is currently in repair or we’d have taken both). The ride was hot but worth the view and feeling the wind whip through your hair at high speeds (when not in Miami traffic). Out of the whole ride, the causeway to the beach was by far the best part! Open road, high speeds and beautiful view of the Cruise ships and water. I’m more of a biker girl myself enjoying the control of riding my own bike, but days like this, I don’t mind so much being “bitch-seated” on the back and getting the chance to sit back and relax.

We took a lot of footage while at the Vapor Expo, unfortunately part of the way through our video feed got distorted due to an over eager friend that ended up blurring the go pro cover so we were only able to get about half of our video clear while the rest was smudgy. Either way, we definitely had a blast!

While we were at the World Vapor Expo we met up with ourclo couple doubles Becky & Marcelo  ( Becky being one of my best friends and Marcelo one of my husband’s) and spent most the afternoon with them and a few others walking around causing a ruckus.

This being the norm for us, Joey and Marcelo end up beckstertalking Mod-shop and amp-age/wattage while Becky and I run around being crazy talking loud and making dirty jokes.

Example: At one stand they were giving out stickers that were white with black words saying “VOLCANO” and Becky had the geniusbeckypanda ||GENIUS|| idea to stick the sticker to my crotch for “advertisement” and we spent the rest of the day showing people (don’t worry, it was over-top my leggings).

While hanging out with out gang, we got to meet the Vapor Panda, a fully suited Panda that was walking around with a vape mod, and we decided a good old fashion humping was in order.

Ajtvapestarslas, not all of our trip was humping and pillaging, we also got to hang out with some of the “heavy hitters” in the vape community and some of our friends that have been working the scene for a while now. Amongst them, one of the greats, JT from Vapestars, which is a close friend of my husbands and part of our “extended family”.

JT is a great guy and a great friend who really knows his “stuff” when it comes to vaping, the community and mods in general. If you want to follow him on INSTAGRAM his s/n is: VAPESTARS . On his profile, he also has a link to a mod site for purchasing. He is a true Advocate for Vaping and along with my husband Joey, they both go out of their ways to show the masses the truth about vaping.phenikz

Then there is the beautiful Phenikz (her IG s/n) that is an amazing friend of ours and a smoking, or should i say Vaping, Hot model for Vape Fuel. We went to visit her and I may have slightly molested her with my GoPro cam on a selfie stick, though she wasn’t complaining! I also got a photo of her before she saw us walk up because I’m a stalker like that, at least for her.

Phenikz has also been with the vape community for a while now, not only as a model, but also helps to sell the mods and educate the people visiting on their uses. She’s not only a beauty but has brains too ❤


Then when the day was done, my feet dead, our bounty collected, we head out on the road again to come back home for some R & R for the rest of the day. See below for a short clip of our ride home from Miami Beach.


Love Always,



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