Dear Diary: Episode 3 || Got Psychic?

Dear Diary,
It’s late. I’m tired. I have to work in the morning. But before I got to bed, or while laying in bed really, I thought I’d give you something to think on. 
Today at work I proved, once again, I’m Slightly Psychic. (Not to be confused with slightly psychotic…. No not that, I’m more than slightly in that department.) First, when I decided to make coffe after lunch, I made more than enough. I don’t really know why, as when I asked my co-workers in the design room, no one else wanted any and I knew I only needed one (large) mug full; but something told me to make more for others. Then when it was done, I went out into the sales area and let two of my coworkers know I made coffee (which I never do) and they said thanks. One of them came to my office after making his cup and laughed saying it was “crazy” that I made coffee and offered because they were just saying they wish they had some and hadn’t had any all day right before I did. 

Now, I know, coincidence right? Well stay tuned diary… 

 Then later on I had to use the restroom and noted we were out of TP. I went to the other bathroom to “acquire” some and found them wanting too. So I decided to ask the manager and he was on the phone so he gave the accountant the keys and told him where to get it. Now, when we got there, neither of us “knew” which key it was and he just tried a random one saying he had no idea which key it was. Me being the psychic I am (not really… maybe…slightly) I told him “it’s the purple key!” And when he tried to place it in the lock it slid right in and worked! HA! And then he proceeded to praise me, tell me I’m psychic and recommended I play the lotto (which I might).

And so my tale ends. Ugh! So exhausted diary, can’t think straight, eyes closing, signing off without reading what it is I’m writing…….



Love Jane..  


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