Diary of Jane: Dear Diary


Dear Diary….

That is how most “Diaries” start isn’t it?

What is a diary really?

A recount of one’s life?

A safe keeping of all your dirtiest secrets?

Or maybe a healthy outlet for one’s mind and sanity?

I personally have never gotten much out of writing diaries. Truth be told, I find it a little disturbing that they can be accessed so easily; either by a sneaky parent, or possibly by those left behind when you’re no longer of this world.

What kind of diary, or journal if you prefer, do you keep? There are many ways to log a diary with today’s technology. No longer does one need to write it out by hand on parchment or paper. They even sell really “advanced” ones for kids that have thumbprint or voice recognition in them instead of just a mini lock and key now. That being said, it’s terribly obvious to any adult that there is a way to get around these doodads and their “security” if you’re really worried what your child may be writing.

The kid in me is definitely upset that parents and guardians do this all the time, but the mother in me understands why. I guess in the end it’s the realist in me that makes my final decision on where I stand with diaries and journals; that if your naive enough to write it where someone can read it, it’s really your own fault.

I remember growing up when they started doing online journals and diaries like “Live Journal”, “Xanga” and such sites. I remember thinking “why would anyone really take this seriously? Don’t they understand that anyone can read this?” Don’t get me wrong, I tried it, it didn’t last long, and nothing I deemed personal was posted either; in the end I treated it like a social networking platform until it became boring once again.

I also understand how journals and diaries in the past have helped us recount history, and have given a “first-hand experience” into the past; but really, can we trust everything we read? I know I changed some details and left things out when I attempted keeping a journal as a child. And in the end, do we really want to know all the sordid details of the past? It would be easy to say yes, but let me tell you, you would not like the portrait painted with the thoughts that could be roaming through one’s head, thoughts they may even hide from themselves.

In the end, I have decided it may be fun to start a “Diary” of sorts on my blog. I know, I know, EVERYONE CAN READ IT! But hey, one day I might not be here any longer to pass on my “thoughts of wisdom”… or more likely my random rants and naughty limericks, so I figure, why not?

So join me in welcoming a new norm to my blog: “Diary of Jane”

In honor of one of my favorite songs by Breaking Benjamin.

I plan to write at least a few thoughts everyday (hopefully) that will give you an insight to my mind, my world or just my day. I hope you guys realize you’re in for a wild ride!

Love always,



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