Dear Diary: Episode 2 || Work

Diary of Jane

Dear Diary,

I’m All Alone……=( all-alone

Everyone in the Design department is at the Photoshoot for next season’s catalogs. Being the Graphic Designer, they left me behind to work on the catalog layout (which is important).

it’s so quiet….


besides my music that is… and the sound of me snacking…. NVM its not quiet.

I miss my Simi though.


Simone || Fashion Designer || Best Friend


This happened this morning: 

I’m listening to metal music and I hear:

“I used to fall asleep to that music in high school”…. – Felipe

“Now I use Stephanie’s knee to fall asleep” – Felipe

“What? Like she knocks you out with her knee?” – ME

“No….. Stephanie’s knees are falling asleep” – Felipe

“WTF? Why would Stephanie’s knees be asleep? What is she doing?” – ME

“You’re too American for me” ::shakes head & walks away:: – Felipe


smh diary, people with accents are funny,,,, (he has a verrrrrrryyy spanish accent)

Here are a few of my co-workers: 

Felipe || Web Designer

felipeshipKarissa || Fashion Designer


Stephanie || Head Fashion Designer


Did… did I mention I like using photoshop? rsz_mr_burns_evil_7487



Side note:

Here is a Naughty Limerick for you Diary ❤


There once was a girl from Kentucky.

She was lonely and not at all ducky.

Then a boy came from jersey and bought her a Hershey.

All in the hopes to get lucky.

Now don’t shame the lad.

He’s not all that bad.

Deep down he’s really quite sweet.

He’s really not scummy, he learned from his mummy.

But even he could not resist her large teats.


Author: Jane Constantine

Ok Diary, I’m Signing off for now!

It’s time to Grub ❤



Love always,

Hungry Jane.


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